Welcome to our website for the Young Entrepreneur School (YES) program 2017/2018 at Loreto Abbey Dalkey.  This year’s YES programme is just beginning.  At this stage you should just plan on coming to the Official Launch (see “Places You’ll Need To Be”) and getting your Entry Form submitted before the deadline (see “Things You’ll Need To Do”).

Please note that the entry fee is €10 and is non-refundable.

Places You’ll Need To BE



Fri, 06-Oct-2017

Breakfast Mtg1:  Launch


Breakfast Mtg2: Report writing

Fri, 10-Nov-2017

Breakfast Mtg3: Guidelines for next stages

Fri, 15-Dec-2017

Christmas Market

Thu, 25-Jan-2018

Awards Night

Thu, 22-Mar-2018

Regionals (Dun Laoghaire)

Wed, 02-May-2018

Nationals (Croke Park)

*if any teams from Loreto Abbey Dalkey place 1st in their category at Regionals.


Things You’ll Need To DO…

There’s also some deadlines you’ll need to know about. You’ve got to complete the activity by the date shown. However, you would be much better off to complete things earlier than the date shown.



Fri, 13-Oct-2017

Entry Form Deadline

Mon, 13-Nov-2017

Business Report, Section 1:  Business Concept

Fri, 01-Dec-2017

Business Report, Section 2:  Marketing

Mon, 18-Dec-2017

Business Report, Section 3:  Financials

Tue, 09-Jan-2018

Business Report, Section 4:  Review & Conclusion

On the rest of this page you will find the following information about the program:

  • What is the Young Entrepreneur Program?
  • How do I Join?
  • What’s involved (once I start the Program)?

If you need any further information, talk to the Teacher or any of the Prefects (listed in the Key Contacts section at the top of this page). Also, take a look in our [Downloads] section, which contains the Application Form,  Business Report Template, and other useful information.

We’re delighted to be able to offer this rewarding, exciting program again this year. We hope you have as much fun and success with your idea this year as previous Loreto Dalkey Young Entrepreneurs have had since this program first began in 1991.

What is the Young Entrepreneur Program?

The Young Entrepreneur Program is a fantastic opportunity to experience what it’s like to run your own business. All you need is an idea and the energy to make it happen.

We’ll give you tons of guidance and help so you’ll always know what do. 
But it’s not about us.
It’s all about you – Your idea… Your business… Your way!

By the end of the program you will have

  • Made some money (hopefully)
  • Accomplished something you can be proud of
  • Lots of fun and excitement along the way.

How do I Join?

First thing you must do is fill in an application form.  Nothing complicated…just some details about you (e.g., your name and class), plus a parent/guardian’s consent, and a fee of €10.

  • Download the Application Form, print it out, fill it in, and get your parent/guardian to sign it for consent.
  • Then return the signed form, plus the fee, to the Teacher or any of the Prefects (listed in the Key Contacts section at the top of this page). 
  • Application forms must be submitted no later than no later than the Entry Form deadline shown above (see the "Things You'll Need To Do" section).

And that’s it!  Once you’ve submitted your application you will be invited to the first briefing meeting in the school. There you’ll be given more detailed information about how to get started – beginning with you thinking about your idea for a business.  


If you don’t have an idea yet – no problem. Once you come to the first briefing you’ll get caught up in the excitement, the ideas will start to fly in the following days, and you’ll have time to put it together!  You’ll also have time to decide if you want to work on a business idea on your own or as part of a team.

What’s involved (once I start the Program)?

You will have a couple of months to work on your idea, plan your business and get ready to put it into action. This is done in three easy stages, with guidance available to you throughout each stage.


At the beginning of each stage you will be given a few simple questions to help you shape your thinking for that stage. As you come up with your answers to these questions, you will put your answers into a document called a Business Report.


Nothing complicated – we promise! If you want more information about the Business Report and the sort of questions you’ll be answering, take a look at this year's Business Report Requirements document to see what’s involved.


Then you get to put it all into practice and see what it feels like to have real customers paying you money for your product or service. You will also be allowed to have a stand at the Loreto School Christmas Fair – another opportunity to get customers!


The 4th and final stage is where you get to look back at things like what worked, how much money your business made and how you solved the problems you came across. 

Finally there is an event where all the entries are evaluated by a panel of judges and a variety of prizes will be awarded.


In addition, the winners of the Loreto Dalkey competition will be invited to enter their Business/Idea into a Regional “Young Entrepreneur” competition.  And there is even a national competition beyond that - called the Student Enterprise Award. It’s worth mentioning that, over the years,  Loreto Dalkey has had quite a few entries progress to these latter stages.  So, who knows… perhaps fame and glory awaits your business idea at one or more of these competitions?


Best of luck.

And enjoy the programme.

Kevin Bracken 
(Chairman, YES Committee)