Update as of Tue, 31st Oct 2017

The programme is now well under way.  By now you should have decided what your business is going to be.  And who makes up your team – or if you’re going to go it alone. That’s good, because the deadline is rapidly approaching for you to submit your Business Report having completed Section 1:  “Business Concept”.

Don’t miss the next two Breakfast Meetings (also rapidly approaching). The first is where Mr. Rowan Manahan will help you with your report writing skills. Rowan is a respected consultant in the world of business.  He is also an entertaining and eye-opening speaker.  Miss this at your peril! And the very next week we have the last of the Breakfast Meetings – where you get to ask your questions.

Please note that some dates have changed as we firm up the shape of the programme. Changes are flagged with an asterisk  *  like this in the table below. Make sure you’re familiar with them. Particularly note that the Awards Night is now in February


Places You’ll Need To BE





Fri, 06-Oct-2017

Breakfast Mtg1:  Launch


Fri, 10-Nov-2017

Breakfast Mtg2: Report writing - Rowan Managhan


Fri, 17-Nov-2017

Breakfast Mtg3: Guidelines for next stages


Fri, 15-Dec-2017

Christmas Market


Tue, 20-Feb-2018

Placeholder – possible new event - TBC


Thu, 22-Feb-2018

Awards Night


Thu, 22-Mar-2018

Regionals (Dun Laoghaire)


Wed, 02-May-2018

Nationals (Croke Park)

*if any teams from Loreto Abbey Dalkey place 1st in their category at Regionals.


Things You’ll Need To DO…

There’s also some deadlines you’ll need to know about. You’ve got to complete the activity by the date shown. However, you would be much better off to complete things earlier than the date shown.



Fri, 13-Oct-2017

Entry Form Deadline

Mon, 13-Nov-2017

Business Report, Section 1:  Business Concept

Fri, 01-Dec-2017

Business Report, Section 2:  Marketing

Mon, 18-Dec-2017

Business Report, Section 3:  Financials

Tue, 09-Jan-2018

Business Report, Section 4:  Review & Conclusion


If you need any further information, talk to the Teacher or any of the Prefects (listed in the Key Contacts section at the top of this page). Also, take a look in our [Downloads] section, which contains the Application Form,  Business Report Template, and other useful information.

Kevin Bracken 
(Chairman, YES Committee)