Final Awards

We’ve come to the end of this year’s programme (2016/2017).

Many of you came to the Awards Night on 26th Jan. If you were there you met all of our wonderful Young Entrepreneurs. And a finer group of young ladies you couldn’t hope to meet.  Winners all! Thanks for participating. We hope to see as many of as possible you back in the competition another year.

Although the programme is set up to enable every participant to take away lessons learned for future use, we also had to pick overall winners so that we could identify who goes through into the Regionals. The following video shows the prize-winners in each category – as well as the overall winner of the school trophy

Press "PLAY" to see this year's winners.

To all participant students, we hope you had fun, found out things about yourself (and your friends), and even made some money! You are all a credit to your families and to your school. We applaud you – each and every one.

   Press "PLAY" to see all of this year's Young Entrepreneurs.

Hope we see you again.
But, goodbye for now.